Top 10 Cities That Start With ‘East’

Hey there, fellow MSU students! It’s been a while since this publication has dropped one of it’s world-famous listicles. Broke are the lists of most educated cities or the best cities to raise your kids . . . bespoke is a list breaking down the top ten cities that start with ‘East’, so without further ado, here we go with the top ‘East’ cities in the United States.

10. East Rutherford, NJ

Let’s get started with number ten: East Rutherford, New Jersey. East Rutherford is home of MetLife stadium, which is where not one, but two NFL powerhouses, the New York Jets (2-14 in 2020) and the New York Giants (6-10), play their home games. East Rutherford has only about 9,000 residents, which is pretty small considering they’re home to two professional football teams. Compare that to Detroit, which has a population of about 675,000 and has not a single team that plays sports at a professional level. 

9. East Grand Forks, MN

Coming in at number nine is East Grand Forks, Minnesota. East Grand Forks has about 9,000 residents and is directly east of regular Grand Forks, ND. Grand Forks is the home of the University of North Dakota and of Jerry Gaetz, the grandfather of congressman Matt Gaetz, who died on live TV after speaking at the North Dakota Republican convention in 1964 in a bid to become Lt. Governor. It is important to us at The Evening Look that you know that story.

8. East Side, PA

East Side, Pennsylvania makes this list for one reason only. It is, in fact, on the east side of the Lehigh River. This town knows exactly what it’s about.

7. East Petersburg, PA

East Petersburg is a very cute town of only about 4,500 people, and is coming in at number seven on our list with the most Soviet sounding town name we came across in our research. In fact, it would have been much higher on our list had the town been to the East of a Petersburg, which it is not. Instead, it is to the WEST of a place called Fruitville, which is still kind of fun. 

6. East Berlin, PA

Oops, did I say East Petersburg was the most Soviet sounding town on our list? My mistake! I can only imagine the laughs that were had in this quaint village of 1,500 when they found out that their city was going to be walled off from West Germany! 

5. East Greenville, PA 

Next up we have our final entry from the great state of Pennsylvania. This town of just 3,000 folks does not fall to the East of a Greenville proper. However, it DOES lay to the east of an ENTIRELY DIFFERENT Fruitville in Pennsylvania, and for that reason alone East Greenville earns the number five spot on this list. 

4. East Jordan, MI 

East Jordan . . . You’re probably wondering why that name sounds distantly familiar. Well, if you grew up in the state of Michigan, I’m willing to bet that your hometown has at least a few East Jordan Iron Works manhole covers or sewer grates lining your streets. East Jordan Iron Works is of course located in East Jordan, Michigan, a beautiful town on the southern edge of Lake Charlevoix in the northwest of our Lower Peninsula. The ubiquity of its industry, beauty of its coast, and location in Michigan gives East Jordan the number four spot on our list. 

3. West Branch, MI 

East? I thought you said weast! 

West Branch is located in the scarcely relevant north-EASTern Lower Peninsula, has a city park where they hold an EASTer egg hunt yearly, and is just EAST of I-75. As if any other city could be more deserving of a spot on this list! 

2. East Lansing, MI

Finally, after our cross-country journey we have landed back on the banks of the Red Cedar in East Lansing, Michigan. East Lansing is of course just East of the City of Lansing, making it the truest ‘East’ city on this list. It is also, of course, known for being home to the Michigan Agricultural College Aggies, who, according to their fight song, play good ball.

1. D e n v e r 

To close out our list, we decided to throw in a bit of a curve ball: Denver, Colorado. It might not be the most traditional ‘east’ city, but Denver is just too much fun to leave off the list. I bet you knew that Denver is called the Mile High City, but did you know that the Colorado State House in Denver is EXACTLY 5,280 feet above sea level? It’s truly unique stuff like that that made Denver the natural number one spot on our list.

We hope you enjoyed our list of the best ‘East’ cities in the United States, and we hope you stay tuned as we plan the road trip we’ll be taking to each of these cities this summer.

-J. Arc

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