Our Team

These are the contributors that make our blog journalism enterprise run. The people are real, the names are not.

Current Contributors

L. Squirrel

Co-Founder, Senior A/V Nerd

English BS; South Island Shepherd; Grossier

B. Bunny

Co-Founder, Web Editor

Art History BS; East Coast Yank; Erotique

K. Sins

Co-Founder, Chief Media Correspondent, Managing Editor

Turfgrass Management BS; A Real Michigan Man; Sans-culotte

J. Arc

Chief Sports Editor, Capitol Correspondent, Junior Contributor

Entomology BS; Woodsman; Contrebandier

B. Nice

CATA Bus Correspondent, Junior Contributor

Surfing Studies BS; Curieuse

L. Niño

Media Correspondent, Junior Contributor

Furry Studies BS; Forum Historian; Putain


O. Justice

Co-Founder, Chief Political Correspondent

Arabic BS; Bone Saw Enthusiast; Interrogateur